Common OBD Terms

CAN  : CAN is short for Controller Area Network.  It will be the required electrical interface for all vehicles beginning in the model year of 2006. Some vendors began using CAN exclusively in the model year of 2004 (Ford, Mazda, Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, and Subaru). While other manufacturers implemented it selectively in their vehicles beginning in the 2004 model year (Toyota, SAAB, and Porshce).

DTC :  Diagnostic Trouble Codes

OEM : Original Equipment Manufacturer

PID: PID stands for Parameter Identification. It is a list of all inputs and outputs related to a particular system and their current and historical states (off, on, duty cycle, whatever).  Some PIDs we can take control of – EGR duty cycle, transmission line pressure, ABS pump motor control, fuel pump relay, even interior lamps…

Bi-Directional Capability :  This, simply stated, is a scan tools ability to communicate in both directions with an automobile.  This allows a device to not only receive codes but to send signals to the vehicles computer.  Ex. (turning of the engine light)

PCM : Power train control module

Vehicle I.D : Vehicle Identification Number (VIN#)