Best OBD2 – Actron CP9190 OBD2 Elite AutoScanner Pro Diagnostic Code Scanner Kit (Includes CP9185 Base Scanner, OBDI & OBDII Cables with Hard Case)

Description:   The Actron CP9190 OBD II/I Elite AutoScanner Pro Diagnostic Code Scanner is an enhanced scan tool that is loaded with many professional features. If you are new to diagnostic scanners, this handy tool connects to your vehicle, scans various parts of your car, truck or SUV, and retrieves a list of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and code definitions from your vehicle’s computer. But even if you’re a veteran to scanners and auto repair, you’ll be impressed with the new functionality that Actron has added to the CP9190. This device not only scans your vehicle, it also allows you to freeze-frame live timing and pinpoint your vehicle’s problem.Instead of having to recreate a scenario over and over again, you can now playback the timing to scrutinize all the data and make a clear diagnosis. Combine this with Internet connectivity and the ability to interface with a PC, and you have a powerful, professional diagnostic scanner in the palm of your hand. Like its little brother, the Actron CP9180, the CP9190 is compatible with all OBD II (On-Board Diagnosis II) compliant vehicles manufactured in North America, Asia, and Europe from 1996 to the present, but the Elite AutoScanner goes a step further and is even compatible with certain pre-1996 GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles.

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Actron CP9190 OBD2 - Features and Reviews:


  • OBD II enhanced codes (1996 and newer domestic vehicles)
    DTC Lookup Services for further help
  • Graph data – (1996 and newer)
  • Multilingual menu and options – English, French, Spanish
  • Read, record & playback live sensor data
  • OBD I functionality – cables included for ’84-’95 Ford, ’84-’95 GM and ’89-’95 Chrysler vehicles
  • USB cable included for product updates
  • Updateable via the internet
  • Large, backlit, graphic LCD
  • Print data via Professional Companion CD
  • State OBD II check (emissions)
  • OBD II drive cycle mode
  • Battery powered for review of vehicle data off vehicle
  • OBD II code library built into tool
  • Vehicle information (includes VIN # and calibration IDs)
  • O2 monitor test
  • Diagnostic monitor test.

Performs the following tasks:

  • Displays trouble code information and their definitions including OBD II domestic enhanced coverage.
  • Displays MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) status
  • Reads, displays and erases generic,manufacturer specific and domestic enhanced Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) stored in the PCM
  • Displays emissions readiness status (I/M Readiness Monitors)
  • Retain the most recently scanned vehicle’s data and configuration
  • Displays summary recap of the vehicle’s emissions status
  • Resets check engine light.

CP9190 Kit Includes:

  • CP9185/90 Base Tool
  • OBD II Cable
  • GM OBD I ALDL Cable
  • Ford OBD I MCU/EEC-IV cable
  • Chrysler OBD I SCI Cable
  • USB cable
  • 8-foot extension cable
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Blow Molded Hard Case
  • Manual/CD
  • Registration Card.

Optional OBD I Cables:

  • CP9130 Chrysler LH cable
  • CP9131 Ford MECS cable


Reminder Note:

-Make sure to save a proof of purchase for warranty


There were’nt as many reviews with the Actron OBD2 Scanner as there were with some of the others, but the majority were all positive.  A lot of people said it was easy to use saying “easy to use, light at night display and the keys are nicer”. Some reviewers liked the software which is always a plus because OBD2 Scanners don’t always have the best software. “The software comes with CP9190 is fantastic and update from USB make all worth the money”.  Many people were happy about the price. “About a year on so ago, I priced a scan tool that did not have all of the features. The price of this scan tool was about 1/10 the cost, and dose a lot more”.   Others found it easy to use “This scanner is very simple and easy to use. I bought this one after using an older Snap On scanner, and this one is so much simpler. Just plug in – no need to enter make, model, vin, etc.”.  Some customers found it worked well on there older cars “The 9185/9190’s ability to display the live data for older cars really pays off when you own one of them”.  But just keep in mind that all of the features are not garenteed to work on older cars.

On the negative side, some people wished it could do ABS “Remember that you will have to purchase another tool to do ABS work. The alternative would be to buy a $3000.00 plus scanner”.   Many people had trouble updating the software, but didn’t realize they only needed to download the driver and then they could update fine. Some customers were confused when they received a CP9185 in the mail.  The 9190 is actually the 9185 but it comes with cables and a case… These cables come in handy.  Many people who purchased other models wished they had certain cables.

This OBD2 Scanner is a great tool for a car owner or a professional mechanic, but if your not going to be using all of the features and don’t have older cars (before 1996) I would lean more towards the CP9580 or the Equus 3160.

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